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Security and privacy

What do you know about me and what data do you collect?

We collect only as much data as necessary, not a bit more.

So that our app meets your needs, we collect the following personal data:

  • Your first and last name
  • The nickname you selected
  • Your selected school, graduating year, major and classes
  • Your student’s e-mail address

In addition to the personal data, we see:

  • When and how often have you logged in and out
  • How much and what posts you published
  • How many times have you been reported by other users
  • How often your posts have been viewed
  • What device you’re using
How are my data used?

Your name is needed so you can create posts with your real name.

Your student’s e-mail address is needed to verify that you belong to the school you selected during the signup.

Your school, graduating year, major, and class information is needed so we can connect you with other students from your school, graduating year, major, and class.

Who can see my posts?

People who are not registered on Boardapp will not be able to see any posts. Just students within the same school, graduating year, major, and class are gonna be able to see your posts (depends also on who you target with your post, e.g. just your class, etc.).